Sitting Pretty Toilet Hire Ltd has now ceased trading. Thank you for your business.

Our services

Single units

Single loos are available and are ideal for small outdoor events where indoor toilets are not available. These are completely self-contained and are stocked with toilet paper and soap before arrival.

Large trailer unit

The trailer units are great for larger occasions such as shows, parties or corporate events. These units have multiple toilets, sinks and urinals and each trailer is divided into 2 sections for men and women. Self-contained versions are available requiring only a power connection, as well as units requiring a water supply and outflow connection. Each unit is stocked with toilet paper, liquid soap and toweling beforehand.

Luxury unit

The interior of our luxury toilet unit

The luxury unit is perfect for weddings, formal events or private parties where the extras really count. The interior is lavishly decorated, very spacious making it the supreme addition to any event.

Shower unit

We can provide shower units if necessary for longer events spanning several days where people require hygienic facilities.

Litter bins

Over 100 litter bins are also available to hire at a very reasonable prices.